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Dr, Jessica

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Services Offered

Kinesiology/Muscle Testing

The body is like a car. If you look under the hood, you’ll find out what’s wrong. Dr. Winchester uses muscle testing as a tool to “check under the hood” of the body. To test muscles, Dr. Winchester asks patients to resist when he gently pushes on different parts of the body. If certain areas react weakly, he knows those parts need attention.
At that point, Dr. Winchester helps to remove the blocks that prevent your body from healing itself. Those blocks include improper nutrition, negative emotion, electral magnetic pollution, toxicity, allergies, and vaccinations.

Neuroemotional Technique (N.E.T)

You can’t separate your mind from your body. No matter what, negative emotions and stress will affect your physical health. As Dr. Winchester explains, emotions can get stuck in your body like a bug going through a screen. Dr. Winchester uses methods such as muscle testing and body reflex points to locate and release unhealthy emotions “lodged” in the body. Just as tears help to release negative chemicals in the body and make us feel better emotionally, N.E.T can do the same for our physical wellness.


Nearly everyone can benefit from orthotics – custom-made shoe inserts. Misaligned feet don’t always cause sore feet. Rather, you may feel pain in your legs, back or hips instead. “Feet are the foundation of our bodies,” says Dr. Winchester. “If our feet aren’t right, neither are we.” Dr. Winchester can assess your foot alignment and will create orthotics specifically for you. It’s a simple method that can dramatically affect your overall comfort and quality of life.


What you put in your body directly affects how you feel and operate. Dr. Winchester reveals your unique nutritional deficiencies and teaches you how to correct them through diet and nutritional supplements.

Eye Lights

With a simple pair of glasses, people of all ages and abilities can increase energy levels, alleviate mood swings, and correct learning problems. A form of light therapy, eye lights is an innovative way to help anyone increase athletic or academic performance and deal more effectively with stress or depression. Everyone has a non-dominant side of their brain. Through emitting light pulses, eye lights help to simulate and strengthen the weaker half of the brain. Dr. Winchester can explain the details of eye lights and how they can make a positive impact on your life.

Allergy Testing

When something bothers you, the easiest solution is to avoid it. However, it’s difficult to avoid that “something” when you don’t know what it is. Dr. Winchester can help you pinpoint and remedy the underlying cause of your annoying sniffles, headaches, or other allergy-related pains.

Ionic Cleansing

Footbaths/Detoxification. While an ionic detox footbath looks and feels like any other soothing footbath, its results include but exceed the simple bliss of relaxation. These footbaths have helped cure many foot conditions and other disorders. The detox footbath removes toxins from the lymphatic system through the pores of the feet, the largest pores on the human body, by a group of electrically-charged atoms. After an ionic footbath, Dr. Winchester’s patients report comfort and ease in their feet and a more relaxed state of mind and increased energy.